How to mentally prepare for Coronavirus

Information overload about the coronavirus has caused panic and anxiety globally. These types of stressful situations cause people to react differently. As a result, people are physically preparing for the pandemic. However, it is also important to mentally prepare for the coronavirus. 

From credible news updates to fake news, to articles on what to buy to prepare for a pandemic. There is an overwhelming amount of information about the coronavirus. Here are providing 5 tips on how to mentally prepare for the coronavirus.

Use credible sources

Without a doubt, we carry our phones with us everywhere. Information is readily accessible with just one click. The best way to prevent information overload is to read the news and updates from credible sources like the WHO, CDC, CBC News and The Globe and Mail.

Avoid excessive use of social media 

It should be noted, social media such as Facebook has been battling with fake news. Spreading rumours and sharing articles with clickbait titles may cause more people to panic. Similarly, misinformation can create fear and worry which can impact people’s mental health.

Unwind and disconnect 

Take the time to disconnect from the media. Seeing the same image or hearing the same news may also worsen the health of a person suffering from preexisting mental issues. For instance, do activities such as reading a book, meditating or exercising.

Social distancing

While this may be a physical preparation, it also a tip on how to mentally prepare for the coronavirus. Crowded grocery stores and panic shopping may cause people to become overwhelmed with the situation. Avoiding crowded places help ease worry and anxiety. Also, planning your shopping trips ahead may reduce stress.

Stay positive

Most importantly, having a strong positive mind is great for your mental health. Maintain a healthy relationship with your friends and family. Above all, be kind to others. We are all going through this situation.

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