10 Skills Enactus Help you Develop

Students often feel overwhelmed because they have been pulled into different directions. Learning and trying to develop different skills in each classroom might make you lose focus of your personal strengths.

Colleges and universities in Canada provide great opportunities to help develop one’s potential. For example, Sheridan College has over 100 clubs designed to unveil different potential. But how would you choose in what club to enroll? Perhaps when there are too many peaks to conquer is even harder to determine which one to climb. The best way is to be proactive rather than go with the flow when it comes to choosing which skills to develop.  Prioritize and be aware of your personal strengths. Moreover, remember that they might be different than your friends. Therefore, a student must understand his/her strengths and master them. What better time than college years?

What Are the Skills Employers Look for?

LinkedIn is a fantastic source to help us understand employers. According to their recently analyzed data, organizations look for both soft and hard skills. They are equally important, because we not only work with technology but also collaborate with people in teams. Refer to figure 1 to see what some of these skills are:  

Table 1 Skills employers look for according to LinkedIn data analysis

How to Develop Essential Business Skills in College?

As mentioned above, most colleges offer a variety of clubs in accordance with students’ interests. Some of them are Toastmasters, where students practice presenting and giving a speech, others include playing sports, or even playing musical instruments. Available are clubs like accounting that supports students who want to take that career path. However, if you are a business-oriented student, clubs are not the only option. Another huge opportunity is Enactus Sheridan. It offers a real-life work experience, where you can work and learn at the same time. Also, because it is a volunteering job, it keeps your work-life balance. Isn’t that great?


Soft skills

By joining Enactus today, you have the opportunity to explore different areas of a business organization and see which area matches your talents and excites you the most. However, when it comes to soft skills, Enactus can help you develop creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and time management. This is because the organization is very diverse with people from different backgrounds, and it is based on professionalism and strong ethics. For example, you can get creative by doing posters and television ads or write content for a blog post. On the other side, because of the need to complete tasks in a time frame, you will learn time management easily.

Hard skills

From a hard skills perspective, Enactus Sheridan helps you develop social media marketing, digital marketing, competitive strategies, customer service systems, and computer graphics. For example, by using the latest Creative Cloud tools, you will be able to do computer graphics. Or, by using the most advance marketing software, you will learn social media marketing and many more. It’s self-fulfilling, rewarding, and so much fun. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a master of some most important skills employers look for.  Get real work experience before graduation. This steppingstone will help you excel in your career once you graduate.

Become a Social Entrepreneur

Becoming part of Enactus allows you to bring your vision for a better world to live. In other words, you can initiate your project on a cause like reducing poverty, youth empowerment, waste management and many more. In the process, Enactus will help you develop 10 skills. For instance, project management skills, presenting and persuasion skills, along with strong communication skills. Furthermore, as a social entrepreneur, you will have the opportunity of a few to present Enactus on Regional and National competitions.

To learn more about Enactus Sheridan, explore our website. This website was created by students like you, who are mastering their skills while doing social good.

Join the team today!  



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