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Enactus Sheridan Goals

Advancing important causes through entrepreneurial projects.

Build a welcoming, engaging, and inclusive community for all members.

Ensure a sense of unity across all Enactus SFU members and actively provide opportunities for each individual member to create a positive imprint on the community as well as the club.

Enactus Community

A community-driven blog ran by our student writers.

Sheridan students present at Enactus National Exposition

Five students from Enactus Sheridan travelled to Montreal to compete in the Enactus Canada National Exposition from May 1-3. Teams from 64 colleges and universities participated.  Annually, the Enactus Canada National Exposition brings together student, academic and industry leaders from across the country to celebrate the achievements of Canada’s future leaders and entrepreneurs. Over the course of three days, students showcased how […]

Importance of Youth Empowerment

Youth empowered

Climate Change – Impact on Oceans

Climate change is taking a toll on forests, farms, water and the economy. Above all, ocean ecosystems continue to be the epicentre of global warming. The oceans help emit greenhouse gases and absorb approximately 1/4 of the carbon dioxide we produce. The increase in the average temperature on the planet has impacted the ocean in four ways:  Drowning Wetlands Wetlands […]




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